the issue of pricing is always a tricky subject, because how do you 'really' put an exact value on a photo?  it's human nature that some people will appreciate and value quality imagery whereas others won't.

some people will happily invest $10,000 for their wedding photography, $3000 on family photography or $500 an hour for commercial images, whereas others won't spend more than $50

so, it's vital that YOU match yourself with a photographer who offers the quality, service and rates that match your budget and expectations, and it's vital that your chosen photographer is capable of delivering what you need so that you're not wasting each others time

unfortunately for photographers and their clients, there is no such thing as an Australian photography 'industry body', so photographers can simply charge whatever they want (or what they think they can get away with). however, as with any free market, there is a balance between what the photographer wants to charge, and what their targeted customers will pay.


typically, more experienced photographers, those who run fulltime professional businesses with studios or lots of overheads and photographers with great reputations and lots of happy clients will charge more than newer photographers or those just starting out in business (although that's not always the case).

some photographers charge by the hour. some charge by the image. some charge a 'shoot fee' and then extra for photos, some have 'bundles or packages' and some simply make up a random figure out mid-air every time they get asked 'what's your rate?'..  and there's also the ones who will work for free.

so, how do you choose which photographer is right for you?


you need to find a photographer whose 'standard style' matches yours and who you think will provide you with the type and variety of images that meet your needs. you'll need to find a photographer who is prepared to work to your budget, and you'll also need to find someone who is available on your proposed shoot date (many better photographers are booked up weeks in advance). ideally you also want someone reliable, and that gets the job done without stuffing you around and makes the entire experience pleasant!

often, the newer/cheaper photographers aren't great at either capturing what you want, or the business side of the job, so the trade-off for a cheap shoot is poor images and non-existent customer service, and you may have to wait weeks/months before getting your photos.


whereas by hiring an established photographer with a huge range of happy prior customers, you should be assured that the images will be great, you'll get them delivered professionally and promptly and the entire experience will be 'simple' and streamlined. 

so, the question of price is not the only consideration you need to make when seeking a photograopher...

how do I price my services?

over the years that I've been a full-time professional photographer I've created a pricing schedule that allows me to do what I do in order to make my business viable and offering packages that I think are good value.


I'm not the cheapest photographer out there however I'm also not the most expensive. I'm somewhere in the middle - offering great service and images at a value for money rate. however what I do offer is excellent customer service, great communication and a friendly approach to every job.


my standard packages usually include my time, equipment, expertise, post production and a specific number of digital files. however all packages can be tailored to whatever you need with more/less time, images etc.


the best approach if you want specific pricing details is to simply contact me here and I'll be happy to send you more specific information on whatever you need.

in the meantime, you can also click on the below images to view the current price lists for each service I offer.

thanks! dave