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thanks for your wedding photography booking!

hi and thanks for booking your wedding photography package with Sunny Coast Photos!


my name is dave gleeson, I'll be your wedding photographer and I'm looking forward to meeting you soon!

if you are not already familiar with my wedding photography style, feel free to view my sample wedding gallery

my wedding photography style is very candid, casual and relaxed with an emphasis on natural, unstaged and fun photos, so hopefully this is the style of wedding coverage that you want. 


now that I have received your booking, you will receive regular emails and updates from me to keep you informed about what to expect in the lead up to your special day. depending what package you have booked, we will (usually) also meet up a few days before the wedding so that we can go over final details and say hello in person

what happens now?

  • I will shortly send you a copy of my terms and conditions (via email) which outlines what I will do for you, and also what I need from you to ensure that everything runs smoothly. please sign and return this asap to finalise the legal part of our agreement. if you have any questions or concerns with this part of the arrangement, please let me know!

  • I will also send you a questionnaire where you can fill in all the final details of your day and outline any special wedding photography requests that you may have. this will help me plan your timeline for the day

  • if you have any questions or want to chat at anytime, just give me a call or send me an email or text

what does your package include?

  • your photography package includes all my time with communications and planning prior to your wedding, a pre -wedding meetup, my time, photography expertise, creativity and skills on your wedding day, plus all extra time in editing and post production, gallery creation and ongoing assistance after your wedding.


  • your package includes a specific amount of my time on your wedding day and a specific number of photos included (this information would have been provided prior to your booking, and also in the first email that I sent you, however if you have any queries or want to add any extra time or photos to your package, please let me know)

  • extra digital images and/or a huge range of professional printed products are also available to choose from after you have viewed your gallery of images. I'm a huge believer that photos aren't 'real' unless they are printed and displayed, and I encourage all clients to consider printing a few of their favourite images. more information on our printed products, can be found on this page


  • your wedding images are archived on my secure backup for 6 months, in case you misplace them at your end.

Leanne & Torben.jpg

what's the typical photography timeline? 

  • depending on the package that you have booked, we will arrange to meet you on your wedding day before the ceremony at an agreed time/location. we will discuss all this with you in more detail as your day gets closer.


  • before the ceremony start your photographer will capture portraits of both partners, images of the ceremony setup, guests arriving and other details such as flowers, rings, location etc.


  • at the ceremony start time your photographer will help coordinate the bridal party / couple entrance. 


  • throughout the ceremony your photographer will capture a range of candid moments, the ring exchange, vow exchange, your first kiss and the signing of official registers etc.


  • you may then choose to do an official 'walk out' where your guests throw flower petals/confetti etc. followed by hugs, kisses and congratulations from friends and family.


  • family and friends/group photos will follow adjacent to the ceremony location.


  • after that it's time for your couples / bridal party shoot at your chosen location/s.

  • if you have booked a package with extra time for reception/ceremony photos, this will happen next

  • please note that our various wedding photography packages include different time and number of images so please ensure that the package you have chosen meets your needs.

you can view my sample wedding album here which will give you an idea of a typical timeline and style of photos

more helpful information..


  • your wedding photography results are heavily dependent on location, weather and time of day so please take this into account when organising your wedding. unfortunately I cannot conjure up a beautiful sunset or blue sky day, so your photography results will be heavily dependent on the conditions, location and time of day.


  • wet weather can happen at any time of year, and impacts our ability to cover outdoor weddings effectively, so if you are planning an outdoor ceremony please have a 'plan b' location organised 'just in case'. 


  • please note that it is vital that you arrive to your ceremony location at the agreed time, to ensure that we can cover your wedding effectively. if you decide that you require more photography time, please let me know.

hopefully the above info helps give you a bit more info about what to expect, however if you have any other questions, or want to amend your package in any way, just let me know!

thanks! dave

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