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in-water photography

'the wetter the better'


i am the leading in water photographer on the Sunshine Coast, and have been shooting imagery of surfers, ocean sport athletes and watersports lovers for 30+ years.

I've been head photographer at the Noosa Festival of Surfing since 2014 and have also worked for World Surf League (WSL) , Swimming Australia, Surf Lifesaving Aust/Qld and Red Bull capturing images of their surfsport athletes. I also shoot a huge range of events which include watersports such as swim events, triathlons, ski paddling, swimming and more. 


I cater for all levels of ocean / water sports lovers from beginners to olympic champions, triathlon world cup winners, world champion kayakers and ski paddlers and the words top-ten surfers however most of my photography clients are beginner to intermediate level watersports enthusiasts who are seeking some good quality action or branding / portrait images of themselves for personal, sponsorship or marketing usage.

so, if you'd like me to jump in the water with you, please get in touch!

for more information on my in-water photography packages and pricing please fill out the enquiry form below

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