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Are you a business owner looking for a way to sell more of your products or services? Or perhaps you want something to make your business grow bigger and reach out to different platforms?

Perhaps you should consider having a commercial photography session.

Whether you’re looking for a way to draw more clients and customers to your business or you just want to showcase your products with quality photos – we highly recommend having a business photoshoot. Here are some tips to help you learn more about business or commercial photography.

What is Commercial Photography?

Commercial photography is a type of photography that uses photos to commercialise a business or products. To put it simply, commercial photography helps business owners sell things. That’s why if you want to attract more customers and potential partners to your business, we suggest a commercial photography session

Top Business Photography Tips

Before you decide on having your own business or commercial photoshoot, it’s best to be prepared. Follow these tips to have a successful commercial photo session to grow your business.

Know Where the Images Will Be Used

Before anything else, you should always know where and how you want your photos to be used. Do you want them to be included in your product packages or printed marketing materials? Or perhaps you want to use it for your website’s landing page? Or maybe you want to use it for your social media advertising?

Knowing where the images will be used does not only help you have a clearer vision as to what you want your products to look like, it can also help you choose between the right photo orientation and image size for your photos.

Find The Right Lighting

Lighting is arguably the most important part of any type of photography. Whether it’s a person, a place, or a product that is being photographed, lighting should always be considered.

That’s why you or your photographer needs to find the right lighting when taking photos for your business. Our photographer provides mobile/portable strobe lighting, reflectors and softboxes that can all be used if the quality or availability of natural lighting isn't ideal, and this is how we ensure that our images POP.

Show Different Angles

No matter what you are selling or what kind of business you are, consider taking photos from a variety of angles. The more you take photos of every angle, the more you’ll see which angle will make your business or product look best. This is especially relevant with product photography

Show Product in Use or People in Action

If you want your current and potential clients to know that your product is credible and trustworthy, you will need to include photos of your products being used. Or perhaps you can use a model to show off how your product should be used. This will help build trust between your customers and your business.

Showcase the Key People in Your Business

Showcasing the key people in your business can also build a strong relationship with your clients and customers. When you include them in your photos or advertising, you are making them feel valued – which can open greater opportunities for your business, especially for networking.

Show Before and After Images

If you’re selling products that can give positive benefits to your customers – like cosmetics or skincare products, or if you provide a service such as building or painting – consider including before and after images. This will help them trust your business and use your products.

Show Happy Customers and Clients

Of course, you also need to make sure to show your happy and contented customers and clients in your photos. You can use these for your website or social media page in conjunction with testimonials to create a more credible and trusted image for your business.

Keep the Background Uncluttered

One of the main elements you need to look out for when having your product photoshoot is to keep your background clean and free of any distracting objects. This will keep your product the main focus in photos. Our photographer can ensure that this is done, and we offer professional post-production if required

Hire a Professional

Hiring a commercial photographer to do your commercial photoshoot for you can make everything a lot easier. Not to mention that commercial photographers are experts and well-experienced when it comes to taking photos for businesses.

Whether you own a business, big or small, doing a business photoshoot is a must. It does not only create a trusted image for your business but it can also help you look more professional in your field. Sunny Coast Photos can offer you the best commercial and business photography services on the Sunshine Coast.


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