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If you're anything like me, there's someone in your life that is impossible to purchase for - so here's a one-of-a-kind gift that they'll remember for years: a family photoshoot.

For a variety of reasons, a family picture shoot is a fantastic present idea. To begin with, every photograph has the potential to be a one-of-a-kind keepsake. Second, it's a unique present idea for your family (we bet grandparents will be thrilled with pictures of their grandchildren, and quite often, families simply don't have ANY great photos of everyone in the family all together). Third, taking part in a photoshoot may be a lot of fun as well as providing a creative way to spend some spare time together. Not to mention that the Sunshine Coast is home to an abundance of natural beauty.

Now that you’re convinced, we should run through a few things that’ll help you prepare and get the most out of your photoshoot.

Getting Ready for your Family Photoshoot

Preparing smaller children for their photoshoot

If you have kids involved in your family / group photoshoot, act as though it's going to be a lot of fun! Attitude is often contagious. Kids bring lots of energy and fun the shoot and I always encourage parents to simply 'let them be kids' as this is where the most genuine images happen. Mums and Dads, please don't 'fuss' too much over your little ones as often the kids are having a great time while the big kids are stressing out (and nobody wants that!)

My shoots are super casual, candid and fun and I'll be keeping it fun and encouraging the kids to jump, run and generally forget about the big guy with the camera. If they have a special toy, ball or other item that you think will help them relax while they are there feel free to let them bring it along. And perhaps plan a surprise or a special reward after the session, like ice cream or a swim at the beach, so that they look forward to the entire experience. You don't want your children to associate the photoshoot with fear or, worse, boredom.

Get your partner (or older kids) invested in the process too!

The youngsters aren't always the only ones that can drag their feet for family photos. Plan ahead of time so that your partner or spouse, or teenage kids are all aware of the upcoming shoot and have enough time to prepare for it. Nobody wants to be surprised by something they don't want or don't feel comfortable with.

If your partner or kids are reluctant or 'just not into it', tell them WHY it is essential to you. They're more likely to cherish it and go with the flow if they realise it's about creating and preserving memories for all of you rather than just ‘another social media’ photo.

Good planning leads to good outcomes

You're potentially spending a lot of money for these shots, so don't appear like you just got home from the school run in the rain! You don't have to look like you're going to a wedding or the races, but you should make a little effort to look your best and well groomed!

Your choice of outfits are entirely up to you, however family shoots where everyone is wearing complimentary colours tend to work best. And please ensure that your clothes are clean!

Think tan or navy coloured shorts and white or light coloured linen shirts or t-shirts for the men and lightweight beach dresses or a skirt/ lightweight pants and light top combo for the girls. Shoes are definitely not required as most of our family shoots are on the beach and within a few minutes of hitting the sand you will all be in bare feet anyway!

Mums are frequently hurrying about before a photo shoot, ensuring that everyone in the family is dressed and ready and often they neglect themselves. So, I’ve always advised mums to ensure they take some time for themselves and spend a little time on their own personal grooming before the shoot so that they feel great about themselves. There's no need for professional hair and makeup, but spending some time on these aspects will make Mum feel great, and the rest of the family will notice.

Plan your day so that your family arrives looking their best. Don't put off getting dressed until the last minute, and please try to arrive on time to your shoot so that your photographer has sufficient time to capture a good range of photos in the allocated timeframe!

Don’t be afraid to reach out for advice as far as clothing selection based on your photoshoot location, time of day etc as different backdrops and lighting will impact the outcome.

Final Advice

Work with your photographer. This is a simple tip that may transform your next family photoshoot from a possible nightmare into an easy and comfortable experience. As a photographer, I can tell you that I prefer sessions to be as simple and stress-free as possible, so if you're feeling nervous, or unsure about what will happen on the day, contact me and let me walk you through the process to guarantee you're happy with the outcomes.

I hope the above explains a little more about the process, however if there is anything you need further help with, at anytime, please email or call!

If you're interested in a family photoshoot or a photoshoot gift certificate, please get in touch and find out more -


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